Welcome to the Chicano Murals of Colorado Project (CMCP). This site is dedicated to the documentation and dissemination of Chicano Murals across the state of Colorado. Colorado has a rich tradition of muralism tied to the history of its Chicano communities, beginning with El Movimiento and the the Crusade for Justice during the 1960s and 70s. This tradition continues to the present day, as young Chicano artists continue the legacy of muralism around the state. Unfortunately, as populations shift and gentrification looms over many neighborhoods, a large number of these murals have been destroyed or are in danger of damage or destruction at the hands of developers who may not know or appreciate their place in local history. To that end, we established the CMCP to offer a source of information to those interested in the artistic heritage of Colorado and the place of Chicano murals within our state. We also aim to provide a public archive of murals (both extant and destroyed), as well as maps, artist interviews, conservation efforts, and related new stories and events. 

We invite you to use the menu above to learn more about the murals and our project. This site is about raising the public awareness of these works, so please consider sharing the photos, posts, videos, etc. found here via your own social media or by linking directly to this page.