Emanuel Martinez, 1978.  La Alma/The Soul is located on the exterior wall of La Alma Recreation Center, 11th and Mariposa.  The mural is gift from the artist to the community, painted with the aid of Westside youth, and was restored in 1995 and again in 2012. The artist balances a contemporary Chicano with an Indigenous man to recall the accomplishments of the past and the responsibility of the youth to continue their legacy.  In the center, a bald eagle’s outstretched wings embrace the two men, while clutching in one claw a skull and in the other, a fetus, alluding to the cycle of life.  On the eagle’s chest, a brilliant blue butterfly represents the transformative stage of adolescence, analogous to Mesoamerica’s perception of the butterfly as a symbol of renewal and transformation.  Forming the body of the eagle are the intertwined braids of two women: to the right, a profile of Mother Earth gazes out into a Puebloan landscape celebrating the great Native American cultures of the Southwest; to the left, a profile of the Moon Goddess peers over Denver’s cityscape.