CMCP’s promotion of Colorado’s Chicana/o/x mural history and the practice of muralism is done through education, outreach, and with the support from muralists, community members, and community partnerships. Recent programming initiatives include a CMCP curated exhibit, Smoking Mirrors: Visual Histories of Identities, Resistance, and Resilience and the development of a Colorado Chicana/o/x muralism curriculum for the classroom. 

CMCP’s Colorado Chicana/o/x muralism curriculum provides students with the tools needed to rediscover aging legacy murals, to learn about the resilience of ancestors, and to affirm and amplify their community voices and sense of place. Throughout the 2021/2022 academic year, CMCP has collaborated with Mr. Tim Hernandez at North High School, Mr. Zach Thrower at Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design and muralists Julio Mendoza (Juls) and David Ocelotl Garcia to deliver and create six Colorado Chicana/o/x muralism lessons. We seek to make this  curriculum available and accessible to other classrooms in the future. This work has been made possible through generous support from Arts In Society.

Smoking Mirrors brought together the work of over 20 muralists and artists from Colorado and New Mexico to the Museo De Las Americas in Denver, CO from October 15, 2021 to February 26, 2022.  This exhibition honored artists and muralists as storytellers and brought communities and artists together through the generous support from Arts In Society, Bonfils Stanton Foundation, The Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies at Colorado College, Latinas First, Metropolitan State University Journey Through Our Heritage, Mexican Cultural Center Denver, and SCFD.

Below are some of the works that were on display at this exhibition

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Emanuel Martinez

Malintzin Malintzin (also known as Dona Marina or La Malinche)

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Leticia Tanguma

Gaspar Yanga

Grid of self-portraits by Tony Ortega

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Tony Ortega


Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Victor Escobedo

Freshly discovered mural in Maya Blue

multi-media artwork

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Sylvia Montero

3849 Winona Ct.

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Pacha


painting with two figures

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Gregg Deal

Height of AIM

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Anthony Garcia, Sr.

White Wash 2

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: John Paul Granillo

Phase 1 on the Moon Ixchel

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Alicia Cardenas

La Llorona

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: David Ocelotl Garcia


Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Jodie Herrera


Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Chelsea Lewinski

Esteban de Dorantes Esteban de Dorantes (also known as Estevanico, Mustafa Azemmouri, or Esteban the Moor)

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Nanibah Chacon

Sky People

Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Virgil Ortiz


Smoking Mirrors Spotlight: Adri Norris

Mãe Menininha do Gantois