On May 4, 2022, the National Trust for  Historic Preservation named the Chicano/a/x Murals of Colorado to America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list. The Chicano/a/x Murals of Colorado Project nominated Chicano/a/x murals throughout the state to the National 11 Most list, in recognition of the dangers posed by weathering, rapid urban development, and gentrification, along with the limited legal protections in place to protect these sites from destruction and erasure. The National Historic Trust is the only non-profit dedicated to the preservation of places central to the United States.  

Alicia Cardenas, 2020

Alicia Cardenas’ quote “This is my mural, it’s a representation of a struggle that has happened throughout history a million times, it’s happening today. If you look at it literally, it’s taking down leaders and broken history, tearing down statues and representations of power figures, this we must do, this we are doing. But if you go deeper, it’s the personal struggle, we all have to take down what we know or we thought we know and tear it down as well . . . tear down your ego . . . we are not in a fight for power but for understanding. Our ancient relatives are here to take back the power!”

National Trust America's 11 Most Endangered Places Banner, Mural by Alicia Cardenas, 2020, 2700 Larimer St., Denver. One of many murals included in listing. CMCP team.
Untitled by Leo Lucero, 1978, Plaza Verde Park, Pueblo, CO

Untitled, Leo Lucero, 1978, Plaza Verde Park, E. Ash St., Pueblo, Colorado. In the center of the
mural, the brown eagle represents the people of Aztlan, the founders of Tenochtitlan, the
Mexica/Aztec in today’s Mexico City. The eagle stands between the North and South American
continents, the bison in the North and the llama in the South symbolize the spirit of the people and landscape before colonialism.